Out on the Mountain FAQ

We want you to have the best experience at Out on the Mountain. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.


    • What's new? +

      This year's entertainers include Alaska (winner of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 2) and Ariel Versace (RuPaul's Drag Race 11), with special host Mariah Balenciaga (RuPaul's Drag Race 3).

      The park will be open at 10:30am to the general public. That means with your Out on the Mountain ticket, you can enjoy the day with the public up until 6pm and then stay (with your special wristband you'll get when you enter) for the Out on the Mountain private party from 6pm to 1am (rides till midnight), or just come after 6pm for the Out on the Mountain private party. Your online ticket will include free parking, which is why you should buy in advance!


    • What is Out on the Mountain? +

      Out on the Mountain is an annual Six Flags-authorized private gay party at Magic Mountain (Valencia, CA -- just north of Los Angeles).

    • What does it mean by private? +

      The private party is closed to the general public. No season passes or regular tickets are accepted. Only Out on the Mountain tickets are valid.

    • Do I have to be gay to attend? +

      No. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, non-binary, and everyone supportive of the community is invited.

    • Is there an age minimum? +

      No age minimum. All customers 3 years old or older need a ticket.

    • What are hours of the event? +

      The park is open to the public from 10:30am-6:00pm. Then we go private for Out On The Mountain from 6pm-1am (rides till midnight), so you will need to wear our wristband to enter the gate and to remain in the park if you come early. Wristbands are available after the security checkpoint before the gate entrance.

    • What LGBTQ charities and organizations are involved? +

      A portion of ticket proceeds goes to various local gay organizations, including the Los Angeles LGBT Center, the OUTreach Center, The Center Long Beach, Saugus GSA, and many more.

    • Is there a recommended host hotel? Are there any discounts? +

      Hilton Garden Inn Valencia has a special Out on the Mountain rate starting at $126/night + tax for single/double occupancy. It includes a FREE hot breakfast buffet and FREE parking. Book your room before September 9th at http://www.outonthemountain.com/hotel.html or call (661) 254-8800. Guests are reminded that this is a non-smoking (including cards) hotel. All guests agree to behave in a conduct that is in line with applicable laws, noise regulations, and hotel rules.


    • Where do I buy my Out on the Mountain tickets? +

      You should buy your tickets online at this website prior to the date of the event to save off the day-of price.

    • Where do I pick up my Out on the Mountain online tickets? +

      General admission tickets purchased from this website may either be printed from your computer, or when purchased on a smartphone, may be displayed at the gate. VIP packages will be mailed for all orders cleared through September 5th at 3:00pm PT. VIP packages ordered after that will be held at the will call window just before the security checkpoint.

    • May I use a regular ticket or season/membership pass? +

      No. The private party is closed to the general public. No season passes, memberships, or regular tickets are accepted. Only Out on the Mountain tickets are valid for this evening. You may use your regular ticket or season/membership pass to stay until 6:00pm before Out on the Mountain begins.

    • What is the price of these tickets? +

      $51 is the price for general admission and FREE parking. VIP packages are available in advance for $150 but will sell out by the evening of the event. The general admission price is $69 at Six Flags on September 13th. It saves to buy from OutontheMountain.com early.

    • What do the VIP tickets include? +

      VIP tickets include an Out on the Mountain ticket, a Six Flags golden wristband for front-of-line ride access from 6:00pm - 12:00am, VIP valet parking, and $25 in Bugs Bunny bucks for meals/alcohol/drinks/concessions (no change is provided). VIPs will receive special instructions for front-of-line access via email, and are listed on our VIP lanyard. Lanyards are only available at the VIP will call window before the security checkpoint. If you want to purchase VIP tickets but reside out of the United States, then we cannot send tickets by mail. We are happy to hold them at VIP Will Call for you.

    • What do the meal vouchers include? +

      $16 meal vouchers are available for separate purchase online and are good for a single meal with drink, including chicken tenders, cheeseburger, caesar cobb salad, deli sandwich, pepperoni or cheese pizza. It is good at four locations throughout the park. We have your cravings covered!

    • What if I have a problem completing a ticket order on the website? +

      If you are being redirected to the Six Flags Magic Mountain website but are not seeing the discounted $51 admission price, try disabling any Google Chrome privacy extensions (such as "Ghostery"). "uBlock Origin" and the "Disconnect" extensions have not been causing a conflict. If that fails, use our "Promo Code" of outmm in the top right corner of the Six Flags Magic Mountain page.

    • If I cannot attend, how do I request a refund? +

      Six Flags has a long-standing corporate policy that does not allow refunds. Please find someone else to use your ticket, or call Six Flags customer service to inquire about any other options.

    • How do I buy the tickets for someone else? +

      For regular tickets, buy the ticket and forward the ticket via email or give it to them. Anyone can use the ticket once without an ID. For VIP packages, we have provided space to indicate the recipient's name when ordering on PayPal. The person picking up the VIP package should have a copy of the PayPal receipt with the purchaser's name on it, if it was not shipped.


    • Is there alcohol served at the event? +

      Beer and wine may be ordered by customers with valid ID who are 21 and over in Full Throttle Sports Bar, Food Etc., and Metro Park Pub. Alcohol is available until 11pm.

    • What is the Dance Party? +

      Dance party is from 6pm-1am. Enjoy your favorite music videos from Ray Rhodes and hot go-go dancers from 10pm-1am. Performers include Alaska (winner of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 2) and Ariel Versace (RuPaul's Drag Race 11).

    • How much is parking? +

      FREE for all paid admissions when you buy in advance. If your group is coming by bus, please notify us for special parking by using Contact Us form.

    • What rides are included? +

      All rides are scheduled to be open, outside of the kiddie rides. But like any other night at the park, some rides and attractions will not be open due to maintenance or other circumstances. This is unavoidable because the park is now open 365 days a year.

    • Can I buy a flash pass separately? +

      No. A golden wristband for front-of-line ride access on all rides is only available as part of the VIP package during our private party. A flash pass cannot be used for a private party. However, you can buy and use the flash pass during public hours good only until 6pm.

    • Is smoking permitted in the park? +

      Six Flags allows smoking only in designated smoking areas.

    • How do I appear in your photos or videos? +

      Out on the Mountain hires photographers and staff who will be producing promotional and publicity pictures and video during the Event. Whether or not signed by you, this Agreement shall be deemed to be an agreement by you by your attendance at this Event, its successor, licensees and assigns, all rights of every kind in perpetuity to the use of your photograph or likeness in all forms and media and in all manners, for marketing or any other lawful purposes, without limitations, at Out on the Mountain's sole discretion. You hereby release Out on the Mountain, Six Flags, and their respective employees, principals, representatives, and agents from any liability, loss, expense, damages, or claims arising from distribution, broadcast, sale or use of your likeness or voice. If you do not desire to be part of future marketing materials, you may rescind this release in writing in advance of the Event or by notifying the photographer at the time of the photo or video is taken. After your return, the right to so rescind shall be forever waived.